Pricing/Refund Policy

Increase your company value by taking it to the next level…

EMACC believes that local businesses are the heart of this community. EMACC’s sole purpose is to support and help your business grow year-round. Success and opportunity are there for the taking and it all starts when you say count me in and join EMACC.

Most importantly, you will connect with the area’s finest professionals. You’ll share ideas, leads, resources, advice, recommendations and referrals. Together, you will build business by doing business with others…and have a great time doing it! Your future is waiting.

Join EMACC today!

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A one-time $30 account fee is added at the time of new membership registration or lapse in membership over 1 year

New membership dues are non-refundable. Members renewing after termination (3 months after due date) must re-apply as new member with full annual payment plus administration fee. Sponsorships are non-refundable after publication of said sponsorship. Pre-paid event registration fees are only refunded in the event of a change of date or venue or with notice 12 hours prior to event. Marketing services are not refundable and must be used in the year purchased unless other arrangements are agreed to by the parties in writing.

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