Utility Bill Payment Assistance (English/Spanish)

Struggling to pay your gas or electric bill? AHA CAN HELP!
Temperatures are dropping quickly and if you are struggling to pay your utility bills Affordable Housing Alliance can help! Apply for utility payment assistance today. Visit www.NJPowerOn.org to submit an application!
Click the link below or call at 732.389.2958 for more information!
Apply for the TRUE and PAGE programs TODAY

If you’re falling behind on your electric and/or gas bills, help is available!

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has provided funding to the Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA) for two grants, both intended for New Jersey residents who are struggling to pay their electric and natural gas bills.
They are the Payment Assistance Gas and Electric (PAGE) Grant and the Temporary Relief for Utility Expense (TRUE) grant.

Customers may benefit from both programs in a 12-month period for combined assistance towards their past due bill. You can receive up to $2,900 worth of assistance. Same application is used for both programs.

So, if you have a utility bill that is currently past-due or have a payment plan to pay your past-due bills and you meet the annual income requirements listed in the chart below, please visit www.njpoweron.org or call (732) 982-8710 to find out if you’re eligible!


Household Size 1Person 2Person 3Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person 8 Person 9 Person
Min. Annual Income $23,772 $32,052 $40,332 $48,612 $56,892 $65,172 $73,476 $81,792 $90,120
Max. Annual Income $56,738 $74,197 $91,655 $109,113 $126,572 $144,030 $147,303 $150,577 $153,850


For more information or to apply online, visit www.njpoweron.org or call 732 982 8710


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