Membership Application

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Remember, upon joining, your employees are also members and are encouraged to take advantage of membership benefits. Sorry, due to postal increases, only one mailing per company is per company is permitted. Additional mailings may be arranged for annual fee of $25. This does not apply to companies who pay the higher fee to have more than one office listed as a member.


1-10 employees – $250      |   11-25 employees – $300
26-50 employees – $360   |   51-75 employees – $450
76-99 employees – $550   |   100+ employees – $650

Business Information

  • Banks, credit unions and real estate offices have the option of including all branches in our service area for a flat fee of $610. Alternatively, each branch may pay individually based on the number of full time employees as noted below. To add all branches, please call our e-mail us with the branch information.


  • You may pay the minimum rate regardless of the number of employees. Please submit registration number with payment.
  • Independent contractor in a firm with over 10 employees desiring exclusive benefits may pay minimum rate and will be listed under his/her name followed by company name ie: John Doe of XYZ Company.
  • To complete your application, please pay for your membership dues. Click submit below to go to the payment page.