Getting Googled with EMACC: SEO Workshop

The first EMACC SEO workshop went great.  We had two business owners with very different markets and were able to tackle a number of issues in the time we had together. I really enjoyed working with Susan Hordych of Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe and Robin Oratio of Writing on the Wall Ads .  Both amazing businesses for either your sweet tooth or effective advertising for your business. We were able to dig in to title tagging, link building, and some of the technical aspects of SEO and hopefully gave them some nice tactics to take back to work and put in place to help their sites rank better in Google.

I would also like to thank Lynda and Karyn for allowing us to use the office to dig in to this stuff. Moving forward, we will probably keep the workshop to just two businesses each month.  There is a lot of information to go through and spreading it over three sites may be too much for the time we have together.

That being said, I think there is a lot any business owner or marketing leader can get out of the workshop. Though the May workshop is already filled up, we still have yet to schedule June and July, so let me know if there is an interest and we will try to get you scheduled.

It was great to get to sit down and work with Susan and Robin.  We all worked well together and got quite a bit done in our hour together. I was also lucky enough to go home with some amazing chocolates from Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, which my wife highly recommends, and she knows her chocolate.  Thanks so much Susan for the nice gift.


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